Student Organizations

There are over 40 student organizations registered by the Office of Campus Life. All organizations are assigned a category upon registration: academic, cultural, government, special interest, service/social justice, spiritual, or honorary/professional. A current roster of active organizations and directory contact information for members is available online on The Den. Campus Life can also provide information on Student Organization policies and procedures.

All organizations are registered through a process (outlined below), which takes place when the organization is founded. Organizations re-register each academic year through the proper process via The Den as outlined by the Office of Campus Life thereafter:

Only student organizations that gain full registration through this process are entitled to the following: permission to reserve space and equipment, hold meetings and recruit membership on campus; the use of the University's name in its title, publications or other activities; the ability to request financial support from the Student Activity Fund (SAF); the use of University resources, space (including the Student Organization Center [SOC]) and supplies; and other privileges as specified by Campus Life.

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