Room Reservations and Calendar Clearance

Registered student organizations (RSOs) wishing to reserve a meeting space must do so at least three weeks in advance by submitting their requests by creating an event through The Den. All campus spaces, including outdoor locations, must be reserved through this process. The request is not considered confirmed until Student Life verifies availability and confirms the online reservation request. The status of the reservation request is normally available within 72 hours via The Den. If the event is marked "approved" by Student Life staff, the event has been approved; the RSO may move forward to request disbursement of any budget funds and place support services orders such as media equipment through The Hub, Housekeeping, etc. If the event is canceled, Student Life must be notified immediately via canceling the event on The Den. Failure to notify Student Life of event cancellation in a timely manner will be documented in the student organization's file and may result in disciplinary procedures.

Because of issues of security, parking, insurance liability and the limited availability of resources, it is imperative that every event be listed on the Master University Calendar through the University reservation system and Auxiliary Services. All events approved through The Den have already been added to the University reservation system and approved by Auxiliary Services.

Any facility use by external affiliates must be reviewed and approved by Auxiliary Services in conjunction with RSO policy and procedures. Facility use includes, but is not limited to Diner tables, outdoor spaces, rooms for meetings, venues for conferences, performances or use of institutional technology.

Room setup requests must be detailed in The Den event request in order to be submitted to Housekeeping through Auxiliary Services; late requests for room setups are not permitted. Country House is the sole provider of food service at Saint Xavier University. Outside catering/food is not permitted. Organizations are responsible for ensuring that campus facilities are utilized appropriately and left in a clean and orderly manner after the event. Room cleanup is the responsibility of the sponsoring RSO. Charges will be incurred for organizations who damage or dirty any facility.

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