Flyers, Posters and Printed Materials

Student organizations will be held accountable to adhere to all guidelines as they appear in the "Web Policies and Procedures," "Graphic Standards Style Guide," "Social Media Guidelines" and the "Content Style Guide," which are published by the Office of University Relations. To ensure quality, accuracy and consistency, all University publications, posters, flyers, brochures -- any public relations or publicity materials -- must be submitted to the Office of Student Life. Materials intended for a wider audience or for use off campus must also have the approval of University Relations before printing or copying. Publications where design and copy are completely prepared will be reviewed and returned to the originator with approval or modifications within three business days.

Assistance in design, writing and/or printing will be provided by University Relations as requested. Time required for this service varies according to the nature of the publication and is outlined the "Project Timelines" guide; to ensure sufficient time, the University Relations staff should be consulted early in the event-planning process.

Posting Policy

Sponsoring student organizations and University offices are encouraged to publicize events with posters and flyers. All promotional material distributed by students and student organizations must be approved by the Office of Student Life in advance of posting. Unapproved flyers will be removed.

The University reserves the right to regulate locations on campus where posting or distribution of materials can occur. Individual students or groups that do not comply with the campus posting policy will be subject to disciplinary action which could include the removal of posting privileges and/or other conduct sanctions.

Guidelines for Posting Flyers/Signs/Posters

Step One: Content

1. All materials must include the following:

2. Materials will not be approved if they contain:

Step Two: Approval

Prior to duplicating or posting, all materials must be submitted to and approved by the Office of Student Life (Warde Academic Center L-109B). Materials that are not approved or properly posted will be removed.

Step Three: Posting Guidelines

Posters and flyers may not be placed on any other walls, doors or glass.

Step Four: Removal and Violations

Guidelines for Other Forms of Publicity

Table Reservations

  1. All Diner tables must be reserved through the Office of Student Life. Only registered student organizations, teams and University departments are permitted to reserve a Diner table. Tables may not be reserved on behalf of a vendor or individual students.
  2. Tables can be reserved to display literature, disseminate information, raise money, sell tickets, sponsor an event and for other forms of expression. Each table must have a sign that identifies the student organization sponsoring the table.
  3. All Registered Student Organizations must submit an event on The Den to reserve their preferred space, including Diner tables. In the event location, list "Diner Table," and once the event is approved, this will reserve your spot. Tables will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. If there are no more tables available for your requested date, the event will be denied so that it can be re-submitted with a new proposed date.
  4. All campus departments who wish to reserve a Diner table must send the request to and include the preferred date and time. Tables will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Student Life will confirm your reservation depending on table availability.
  5. There are seven tables in the Diner. A four-foot table and two chairs are provided when you reserve this space.
  6. Any paper taped to these tables must be taped with masking tape. The organization sponsoring the table is responsible for cleaning up any litter at the end of each day.

Banner Reservations

  1. Approval of banners for posting in the Student Life hallway and the Butler/Diner stairwell is done by Student Life. Only registered student organizations and University departments are permitted to reserve banner space. Student organizations may not post banners on behalf of individual students. Banners will be hung on Mondays and will remain posted for the duration of the reservation (1-2 weeks maximum).
  2. Please note that banners must be the correct dimensions to be hung. Hallway banners should measure 3 feet by 6 feet and will be hung in landscape orientation. Stairway banners must be 3 feet by 7 feet tall (leaving 1 foot at the top for proper hanging) and will be hung in portrait orientation.
  3. Banners must be dropped off on the Friday before the banner reservation begins. If the banner is not dropped off by the deadline, Student Life staff reserves the right to forfeit the reservation.
  4. Groups wishing to have their banner saved for use at a future time should notify Student Life at the time that the banner space is being reserved.

Digital Signage

Registered student organizations are encouraged to communicate their activities, services and ideas to the campus community through the Saint Xavier Digital Signage Network and the mySXU portal. The screens display University-wide news, activities and upcoming events that are sponsored by SXU departments and registered student organizations. Events and posts will be submitted, reviewed and approved at the discretion of Student Life and University Relations.


Please consult the Office of Student Life for guidelines on how to create and link an organization webpage to the main University website. All organizational webpages should conform to the standard University layout and design scheme. Registered student organizations are encouraged to utilize their organization page on The Den for events, communication and news posts.

Meeting Reservations

  1. All student organization meetings held on campus must be reserved through Student Life. Only registered student organizations are permitted to reserve rooms for meetings. Student organizations may not reserve a room on behalf of a vendor.
  2. To request a meeting and reserve a space for a student organization meeting, registered student organizations need to create an event on The Den and list the date, time and desired location for the meeting and follow other form instructions.
  3. The organization sponsoring the meeting is responsible for cleaning up any litter and resetting the room at the end of the meeting.
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