Sex Offenders

Saint Xavier University is committed to compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations regarding the registration and disclosure requirements that pertain to the employment and/or enrollment of a registered sex offender.

An individual who is otherwise eligible to enroll or work at the University has the obligation to register within three days of their attendance or employment at the University by reporting in person to SXU's Public Safety. The nature of an individual's registration will determine both the nature of the work one may be eligible to perform, whether an individual is eligible to take classes online or in person, and if an individual enrolled as a student is eligible to live in any form of University-owned housing.

In compliance with the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act of 2000, information on registered sex offenders is available upon request through Public Safety at 773-298-3541 or by visiting the Illinois Sex Offender Information website.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, as amended, does not prevent disclosure of sex offender information to members of the campus communities.

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