Emergency Procedures 773-298-3911 or 911

The following procedures are designed to ensure prompt and consistent response to all medical emergencies and minor injuries:

If there is any question as to the seriousness of the injury or illness, 911 should be called immediately, followed by Public Safety at 773-298-3911.

Persons with Disabilities

In the event of an evacuation, Public Safety will consult the list of locations of people with disabilities who may require special assistance, which is provided every semester by Center for Accessibility Resources.

Faculty and staff members are requested to assist individuals with disabilities to the extent possible. If it is not possible to safely evacuate a person with a disability using the ground level exit or stairwell, immediately call 773-298-3911. If a disabled individual on the second or third floors is physically unable to use the stairs to exit the building, they should be assisted to the nearest smoke-free stairwell, enter the landing and wait inside on the stairwell landing with the door closed.

If danger is imminent, or if ground-level stairway or stairwell evacuations are not practical, the person with the disability should remain in a smoke-free room with exterior windows, a telephone and a solid or fire-resistant door. A piece of clothing should be hung out of the window to alert fire department personnel to the person's location.

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