Responsible Action Protocol

Persons in Need of Medical Attention

When the health or safety of another member of the SXU community or one of its guests is at risk, students are expected and encouraged to seek immediate assistance by calling 911 or contacting SXU's Public Safety. In such situations, students should:

However, students involved may be required to attend a student conduct hearing and may be required to complete educational outcomes as a result of the incident.

This protocol does not protect against repeated, flagrant or serious violations of the Code of Student Conduct, including physical or sexual assault, violence, hazing, harassment, theft, or vandalism.

Victims of a Crime

Additionally, the University will not pursue conduct charges against a student who is the victim of a violent crime and/or sexual assault or a witness to such an incident for their improper use of alcohol or drugs at the time of the incident. A student who is a victim of a violent crime or sexual assault is entitled to University and community assistance and encouraged to seek help. See the Title IX Section of the Student Handbook for more information.

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