Joint Responsibility

A student in a University housing suite, room, outdoor area or a personal vehicle may be held responsible for violations of the Code of Student Conduct that are occurring, even if the student is not directly participating in the behavior. Therefore, if a student is present or enters an area where a violation is occurring, the student should immediately leave and report the violation. Otherwise, by choosing to remain or not to report the behavior, the student participates in the violation due to his/her presence and/or acquiescence. As such, students who are present in any area of the University where University policies are being violated may be subject to the same code violations.

Students are responsible for what happens in their room, vehicle or area under their control. If a student is a resident of a room, suite, or is the owner or operator of a vehicle, the student may be held responsible for the behavior, regardless of his or her presence, unless it is clearly demonstrated that the student had no knowledge of nor contributed to or condoned the behavior.

Members of the campus community are responsible at all times for their guests and/or non-SXU students' actions, conduct and compliance with the Code of Student Conduct and other policies. Students may be subject to disciplinary action for failure of their guests to abide by University policies.

Registered student organizations (RSOs) are responsible for the activities of their members when an event, gathering or situation appears to be directly related to the RSO either due to the number of members present or affiliation of the event to the RSO.

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