Student Ethos Statement

The Office of the Dean of Students complements the University's mission by sponsoring programs, services and activities that assist students in developing intellectually, spiritually, socially, physically, psychologically and personally. In partnership with students, faculty and staff, the Dean of Students helps to create an educational climate consistent with principles rooted in its Catholic, Mercy tradition.

These principles challenge students to adopt the qualities of Mercy: respect, excellence and integrity. Saint Xavier strives to create an environment that is characterized by excellence, service to others, the integration of classroom and out-of-classroom learning, and the full development of each student. To achieve these ideals, all students are expected to contribute through their words, actions and commitments to the development and sustenance of a community characterized by respect, caring and justice. These characteristics are essential to ensure the rights and privileges of all students and to preserve the integrity of our educational community.

Working together as a community, students, faculty and staff help foster a campus atmosphere that furthers the mission of the University. To maintain a vibrant learning community, students are expected to contribute to this community. This expectation calls for behavior that demonstrates the four principles of the Code of Student Conduct: personal integrity, respect for others, respect for property and respect for authority.

Personal Integrity

Saint Xavier University's educational mission reflects a commitment to the development of the whole student and respect for self. Therefore, the University sets expectations for personal integrity with the aim of encouraging students to appreciate their own talents, take themselves and their academic pursuits seriously, and engage in self-enhancing behaviors. In addition, students are expected to conduct their lives in accordance with the policies of the University community, and to follow local, state and federal laws. This principle requires students to demonstrate the personal characteristics of honesty and integrity both inside and outside the classroom.

Respect for Others

It is expected that students will be open to diversity and learning, including learning about and respecting persons and cultures different from their own. Saint Xavier expects all members of the University community to act toward one another with sensitivity, consideration, understanding, appreciation, tolerance, civility and an active concern for the welfare of others. The University is particularly concerned that its members show respect for others regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, religion, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation or nationality, and refrain from all forms of harassing or offensive behaviors that demean the inherent dignity of others.

Respect for Property

The responsible use of property involves respect for real estate, buildings and tangible personal or University property. Demonstrating a respect for property fosters a well-maintained environment and a sense of security. This principle requires students to respect both personal and institutional property, both inside and outside the Saint Xavier University community.

Respect for Authority

Authority derives its legitimacy from its commitment to act on behalf of the common good. At Saint Xavier, that authority especially resides in the officers of the University, its faculty, administrators, staff and student employees. Each of these individuals has been charged with responsibilities essential to the orderly operation of the University. The successful exercise of authority depends in part on the respect it enjoys from the community it serves.

These four principles of the Student Ethos serve as the basis for the Saint Xavier University Code of Student Conduct. They provide a framework for a conduct system that seeks to educate students about their role as responsible members of the University community.

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