Administrative Hearing

An administrative hearing is a formal hearing conducted by one or more hearing officer(s). Normally, the disciplinary actions that can be taken at the administrative hearing level are sanctions D-P. If the incident occurs outside of the normal academic year, defined as the fall semester or the spring semester, all sanctions are available in the administrative hearing. Additionally, if a student is currently sanctioned with disciplinary probation, or is otherwise not in good standing with the Dean of Students, all sanctions, including suspension and expulsion from the University, are available to the administrative hearing officers.

Letter Adjudication

In some cases, the hearing coordinator may choose to offer a student the opportunity to waive the right to a hearing. In this instance, the student admits responsibility for the violations for which they have been charged and waives the right to a formal hearing. The hearing coordinator will meet with the student informally to discuss the incident and determine appropriate sanctions

Witness Procedures

Witnesses are permitted at administrative hearings. Students involved in simultaneous, related conduct proceedings cannot serve as witnesses for each other. It is the responsibility of the student charged to notify the hearing officer(s) of the witnesses' names at least 24 hours prior to the hearing date. If a witness is unable to attend the hearing, the witness may provide a written statement, including but not limited to sworn testimony, and discuss the statement with the hearing officer before the scheduled hearing, or participate in the hearing via telephone. The hearing may proceed even if all witnesses are not present. The hearing officer may limit the number of witnesses permitted to attend the hearing. Character witnesses are normally not permitted, but in any cases that they are approved by the Office of the Dean of Students, reporting parties and responding parties will both be allowed to present character witnesses.

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