Room Consolidation

During the third week of the fall and spring semester, the Office of Residence Life will consolidate students that do not currently have a roommate. The goal of this process is to, as much as possible, have residents adhere to the room type and rate indicated on their student account. Students will have three days to find a roommate and consolidate. At the end of that time, any student that has not voluntarily found a roommate may be randomly assigned a roommate or may be given a deadline to move into an open space in a new room.

Should space allow, instead of consolidating, students may have the option to buy out the vacant space in their room. Students will be required to complete a Request to Maintain Vacancy form, indicating the desire to keep the space vacant. An additional charge of $365 is assessed to maintain the room vacancy (each semester it may be available). If approved, the student is obligated to pay the charge, to the Office of Student Accounts to process and confirm consolidation. Availability for this process will be limited, and not everyone with a vacancy may be able to participate. Students who do not consolidate by the deadline, nor request to maintain the vacancy, may be subject to additional room charges (single-room rate) and may be assigned a roommate at any point throughout the semester.

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