Residents will be billed for all room and common area damages. Billing will be made at the end of each semester or at the time of the incident.

When a student takes possession of the room, the student will receive a Room Damage Report (RDO) on which the condition of the room and the items in it has been noted. Major changes from the move-in notations upon checkout will indicate that the damage is the student's responsibility and the student will be billed accordingly. It is to the student's advantage to ensure that the Room Damage Report is as specific as possible.

Damages in the public (formal and lower lounges) and semi-public areas (shower rooms and bathrooms) of the hall are charged to individuals or groups when responsibility can be established. When the individuals responsible cannot be determined, the entire hall, floor or wing is assessed for repair or replacement costs. Damage to the hallways, bathrooms, etc. on each floor will be assessed to the residents of that floor. Individual room damage is assessed to one or both roommates.

Students shall be responsible for any damage done and caused by non-resident visitors. Non-students who damage University property will be subject to arrest. Their host will be held responsible for repair bills. Any damage to a resident student's personal property by either another student or a non-student is a civil matter. University disciplinary proceedings may also take place.

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