Check-Out/Closing Procedure

The residence halls are closed during all official vacation periods, including Thanksgiving break, semester break, spring break and Easter break. Residents must vacate their room during all closed periods and comply with all building closing requests, which vary for each closing, such as turning in room keys, removing garbage from rooms, closing windows, turning off all lights and electric equipment, and locking doors. Residents in classes the evenings of hall closings may request a check-out extension at no charge. Requests must be made through the eRezLife portal no later than 10 days prior to the upcoming break. Late requests may be subject to a $50 late penalty. Requests received within 48 hours of the scheduled closing cannot be considered. International students and students who live beyond 400 miles of campus may request to reside on campus during the Thanksgiving, spring and Easter break closed periods at a rate of $40/day for the duration of the closing, which will be billed to the student's account.

In situations where it is imperative a student retrieve personal belongs from a residence hall room during a closed period, the student is expected to contact the Office of Student Life and/or Public Safety in advance to coming to campus to make arrangements to access the room. A charge of $25 will be billed to the student account for accessing the room during closing.

Semester Closing Check-Out Procedure

Each resident must check out with a staff member. Check-out times will be posted and a memo sent to each resident. Failure to check out with a staff member and/or turn in a room key will result in a $50 fine in addition to key replacement costs. Failure to leave the hall at closing without proper approval will result in a $50 fine per day for up to seven days. After the seventh day, disciplinary action will be taken.

End-of-Year Check-Out Procedure

Each resident must check out with a staff member and submit their room key(s) in the designated check-out envelope. Before checkout, the condition of the room will be examined.

In all halls, ensure: 

In Quad halls, ensure:

Students in University housing should note:

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