Student Development Philosophy Statement

The Division of Student Life has the shared responsibility to maintain an environment where students are safe, connected to, and engaged in the campus community and are holistically supported in their efforts to be successful academically.

Housing staff works to enhance the overall living experience of students who reside in the residential community. Engagement and leadership staff work to enhance the student experience through co-curricular programming. Trained professionals and student paraprofessionals work to create a welcoming environment that facilitates healthy living, academic advancement and social interaction. In collaboration with Campus Ministry, staff seeks to nurture the religious, spiritual and personal growth for all students. In collaboration with Student Success and Inclusion, staff creates an inclusive community that fosters mutual respect and group responsibility through listening, caring and challenging all students. Rooted in Saint Xavier's core values and encompassing the Catholic and Mercy identity of the institution, these individuals use their talents and resources to enhanced personal, spiritual, social and educational development of students.

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