Furniture and Equipment

Furniture may not be moved from one room to another or be removed from the building. It is assigned to a room and must remain there. Room furniture may be arranged in any reasonable manner. Lofting of beds is not permitted.

In the event that any University furniture or property (i.e., lounge furniture), excluding provided bedroom furniture, is found in the room or possession of a student, the student is subject to disciplinary action, including a fine per day, per item, until the furniture is returned to its proper location. Responsibility for repairing or replacing damaged furniture falls on the student, not the University, in this case.

There is no storage space available in the residence halls. The University does not provide storage for any room furniture. All extra personal items and boxes must be sent home.

A number of rooms in Rubloff Hall have been designated for triple occupancy on either the A or B side of the suite. Due to limited on-campus storage, it is necessary that all furniture remain in place in the designated room regardless if the number of occupants is less than three in a given semester. The room may be reconfigured for comfort but all pieces are to remain in the room. Bedroom furniture, like a desk or dresser, may be moved into the common area if agreeable to all suitemates.

Beds and mattresses are to remain in the bedrooms and should not be move to the common area.

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