Registered student organizations may participate in on-campus fundraising activities for educational or public services or programs. However, any funds that are to be solicited off-campus from any source, public or private, must have advance approval from the associate director of Student Activities. Funds raised cannot be used in any way for the personal or individual gain of members of the sponsoring organization. Collection of membership dues is permitted upon the approval of the associate director of Student Activities. The fundraising activities should be designed to support the organization's purpose as stated in its constitution. Funds raised must be utilized or donated in the current semester and may not be carried forward to the next term, unless advance permission is obtained from the associate director of Student Activities.

Charitable organizations as well as individual members of the student community and student organizations who wish to solicit funds for charitable donations must have advance permission from the vice president for Student Affairs.

Student clubs and organizations who wish to conduct a raffle must contact the associate director of Student Activities to complete a raffle licensing request form.