Demonstration Policy

The Philosophy Statement of Saint Xavier University is intended to be complementary to its Mission Statement. Both Statements address how the University seeks to fulfill its educational mission in the context of its Catholic identify and Mercy heritage.

More specifically, the "University continues to build upon the ideals of its founders and sponsors, the Sisters of Mercy, who...established an academy defined by intellectual rigor in the tradition of the liberal arts, the encouragement of religious faith, and action in solidarity with the economically poor of the world, especially women and children." Further, "in all programs of study, the University encourages the examination of fundamental questions of human concern, respectful dialogue in the context of diverse points of view and experience, as well as the search for truth and justice."

The University community also recognizes that the search for truth, the debate of ideas and the process of thinking critically might, at times, lead individuals or groups to wish to express their views through dissent or forms of public demonstration. As an academic institution committed to the free expression of ideas, Saint Xavier University supports the freedom of individuals and groups to engage in public demonstration as a form of discourse. At the same time, the University must balance this freedom of expression with the mission of the institution and the rights of its members to pursue their academic and vocational objectives without unreasonable obstruction or hindrance.

The University expects that those who enjoy freedom of expression also must accept responsibility for order and discipline by demonstrating in a peaceful and non-disruptive manner. Rooted in the University's core value of respect, permissible demonstrations do not include unlawful activity, activity that threatens or endangers the safety of any person or persons, the destruction of property, or obstruction of the normal operations of the University. In addition, expression that is indecent, obscene, graphically violent or grossly offensive on matters such as race, age, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or any other characteristic protected by applicable law is inconsistent with the accepted norms of conduct at the University and will not be tolerated.

The use of the University forum does not imply the acceptance or endorsement of the views expressed by the University.

Guidelines for Demonstrations

Students planning a demonstration should complete a Demonstration Registration form (available in the Office of the Dean of Students) and arrange for a meeting with the Dean of Students to discuss the arrangements for the event. Students are expected to abide by the agreed upon arrangements throughout the course of the demonstration.

Participants are not permitted to:

Procedures for Handling Disruptive Demonstrations

The Dean of Students or other University officials will determine the point at which the normal operations of the University have been disrupted by the demonstration disrupted. The demonstration will be modified or immediately terminated.

Failure to abide by the decision of the Dean of Students, or other University official, will result in disciplinary action, which may include suspension or expulsion from the University. The University reserves the right to ask for the assistance of Public Safety and/or local law enforcement. Saint Xavier University is private property. As a result, any person not officially associated with the University, as a student, employee or guest will not be permitted to participate in a campus demonstration. Refusal to abide by University rules may result in arrest and prosecution for criminal trespass.