Cougar Card/Identification Card

A University-issued identification card (Cougar Card) is required for all students taking credit courses. Cougar Cards are issued in the Office for Student Affairs, WAC L-103. The Cougar Card is an official University identification card and should be carried at all times. Students are required to present this card to any official or authorized representative of the University on request. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. The Cougar Card is non-transferable. In addition, the possession, production or distribution of any false or altered ID cards will result in disciplinary action. Report a lost or stolen card online at Cougar Card GET Funds or stop in the Office for Student Affairs during regular business hours. Students who have lost their Cougar Cards should visit the Office of Student Affairs to receive a replacement; the replacement fee is $10.

Cougar Cards are used to gain entry to campus events, make purchases on or around campus, gain appropriate access to buildings and technology labs, borrow materials from the University Library, and use the Shannon Center, copiers and laundry machines.

Hats or other head coverings, except those for religious purposes, may not be worn in the Cougar Card photo.