Investigation Timelines

In the event that the Dean of Students Office starts a formal investigation into an alleged violation of the Code of Conduct and/or University policy, such as with sexual misconduct cases, the following timeline will be followed, unless the investigation and/or conduct proceedings are able to be completed earlier. In the event that the timeline needs to be adjusted due to unforeseen circumstances, the Dean of Students or designee will communicate to the parties involved the reason for the delay and the adjusted timeline.

Days 1-7

Initial reporting, discussion of options with complainant, and assignment of investigators.

Days 8-21

Interviewing involved parties and witnesses and gathering appropriate information and evidence.

Days 22-28

Assessment of investigation and interviewing additional witnesses, or re-interviewing parties or witnesses. Meetings with parties to review and request amendment (if desired) of statements. Compilation of the investigative report.

Days 29-35

Investigative report is sent to the Title IX Coordinator for review and a decision regarding filing formal charges is made.

Days 36-42

If formal charges are filed, a Conduct Board is scheduled.

Days 43-50

Conduct Board hearing.

Days 50-60

Appeal submission(s) and decision.