Political Activity

Saint Xavier University, an institution of higher education with a strong liberal arts tradition, supports open dialogue on political issues. The University reserves the right to support or oppose issues that affect its values, welfare, the University itself and/or the values and welfare of higher education. The University encourages its faculty, staff, trustees, students and registered campus organizations to actively participate in political activities on an individual basis. The policies of Saint Xavier University do not restrict the rights and privileges of faculty, staff, students and registered campus organizations to express their opinions freely, and the University is committed to preserving and encouraging a diversity of point-of-view and political opinion.

To preserve the integrity of Saint Xavier University and to protect the neutrality of the University in political contests, the following guidelines shall apply (the provost is responsible for monitoring the guidelines).


  1. In order to preserve its not-for-profit (501c-3) status, the law requires that the University not participate in or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office;
  2. The University shall not endorse any candidate for political office;
  3. Faculty, staff and registered campus organizations are encouraged to conduct candidate forums prior to elections. Plans for candidate forums must be approved by the provost prior to the event. The provost's decision to approve a forum shall be guided by the principles of equal opportunity for participation and equal opportunity for presentation of opposing points-of-view;
  4. The list of addresses used by the University are considered confidential and shall not be shared with candidates or parties. Individuals may personally deliver campaign literature, but mailroom facilities are not to be used for addressing or distributing political materials;
  5. No campaign posters shall be posted in or on any of the Saint Xavier University buildings or on campus grounds prior to or during election times, with the exception of those used for historical displays or education purposes. Information tables shall be available for campaign literature for all candidates; and
  6. The University buildings and grounds shall not be rented or used for political fund-raising.
  7. University leadership retains the right to determine the appropriateness, time and placement of the above.