Off-Campus Events

Saint Xavier University encourages learning to take place in all aspects of Student Life. With respect to student organizations, the University supports co-curricular learning through the sponsorship of events and programs designed to enhance Student Life and create a more vibrant campus atmosphere. The Student Activity Fund (SAF) supports events to this end for the benefit of all students.

In order to maintain a fair and equitable opportunity to enjoy events on campus, support for off-campus events held by student organizations will be very limited and requests for sponsorship of off-campus activities will be very critically reviewed. Please see the section about "Student Organization Budgets and Finances" for further information.

Alcohol Risk Management Procedures for Student-Sponsored Events at which Alcohol is Served

The following procedures were developed by an ad-hoc committee of students and staff convened by the vice president for Student Affairs. The purpose of these procedures is to regularize and clearly communicate to students procedures for managing the risk associated with events at which alcohol is served. These guidelines apply to events sponsored by student organizations for which a contract is signed and for which tickets are distributed and at which alcohol is served.

Student sponsors are responsible for full knowledge, understanding and compliance with the Alcohol Policy (see the Alcohol Policy section of the Student Handbook), and with the following procedures. Student Affairs staff members will assist in interpreting these procedures upon request.

  1. Admission at the door is restricted to Saint Xavier University students.
  2. Non-SXU guests of Saint Xavier University students must hold a pre-sale ticket in order to be admitted. One guest will be allowed per SXU student.
  3. Events will conclude by 12:30 a.m. Exceptions must be approved in advance by the director of Student Life.
  4. Responsibilities of sponsoring student group:
    1. Notify the Offices of Student Life and Public Safety of the event before the contract is signed.
    2. Get a commitment in advance from your advisor and one Student Affairs staff member to attend the event.
    3. Present a contract for signature by the director of Student Life. Contract will include hours of operation and that the bar is responsible for carding patrons and for enforcing a two-drink limit during any one cash transaction at the bar.
    4. Advertising for the event must be approved by the Office of Student Life and will not include alcohol as a part of advertising, except for the following notice "Cash Bar: ID Required." Advertising will also state, "Non-SXU students admitted with a pre-sale ticket only."
    5. Check the hall before and after the event for possible damages. Notify the Offices of Student Life and Public Safety of anything found.
    6. Staff the table at the door where tickets are collected and check ID's of those entering the event. Notify the Office of Public Safety of any problem.
    7. Post signs at the door "You must be 21 to be served alcohol - Illinois State law" and "No drinks may be carried from the hall."
    8. Exclude from admission anyone who is intoxicated, notify the Office of Public Safety for assistance.
    9. Provide free soft drinks for anyone attending the event who wishes to have an alternative to alcohol.
  5. Student Life and/or the dean of students reserves the right to require additional stipulations depending on the nature of the event.