Student Activity Fund (SAF)

Each student at Saint Xavier University pays a Student Activity Fee each semester. These fees contribute to the Student Activity Fund (SAF), which financially supports the campus programs and activities sponsored by various student organizations and the Division of Student Affairs. The purpose of the Student Activity Fund is to provide co-curricular learning opportunities for all students at Saint Xavier University in an active and vibrant campus community. Because all students contribute to the SAF, all events and activities sponsored or made possible by it must be open and available to all students. Student Organizations wishing to apply for funds from the SAF must apply in the regular funding cycle coordinated by the Office of Student Life and the Student Government Association Allocation Committee. Funds for the fall semester are requested near the end of the previous spring semester. Funds for the spring semester are requested near the end of the previous fall semester. Student Life may consider requests for funds outside of the regular funding cycle process. Past allocation decisions do not guarantee future funding allocations.

The Office of Student Life reserves the right to determine appropriate fund utilization. The SGA Allocation Committee will not consider requests for student travel and/or conferences. Requests for travel/conference funds must be made directly to the Office of Student Life. As student activity fees are collected each semester, student organizations are expected to use allocated funds in that semester. Funds may not carry over to the next semester. Student organizations may not keep funds in off-campus bank accounts. All allocated funds and monies obtained through fund-raising are managed at the discretion of the Office of Student Life in the organization's on-campus budget.  All purchases, expenditures, purchase orders, check requisitions, and petty cash advances or reimbursements, in any amount, must be approved in advance by Student Life.