Smoking Policy

Saint Xavier University establishes the following for all facilities and vehicles in which University functions or services are carried out or offered, regardless of location. This includes all on-campus and off-campus facilities, whether owned or leased by the University. All University workspace and classroom areas under the University’s control will be smoking-restricted, even if the building owners or lessors do not prohibit smoking.

As used herein, smoking means the carrying or holding of a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe or any other lighted smoking equipment or the inhalation/exhalation of smoke from any lighted smoking instrument.

Designated smoking areas are as follows:

Designated smoke-free zones are as follows:

Conspicuous signs will be posted in all buildings, vehicles and areas where smoking is prohibited.

The University may provide assistance through Human Resources to those who need help with smoking cessation.

The University shall prohibit the sale of all tobacco products on campus and shall prohibit the advertising and distribution of all tobacco products on campus.

The University shall deny the use of the school logo on smoking paraphernalia, such as cigarette lighters and ashtrays.

The University joins with students to create and nourish an atmosphere conducive to good health and well-being.

This policy shall apply equally to visitors, students, faculty and staff.

Enforcement of this smoking policy will be the responsibility of supervisors for faculty and staff compliance. The Office of Residence Life will enforce the policy in residence halls and apartments. Student smoking violations will be reported to Student Affairs. Visitor violations will be referred to the Saint Xavier University Office of Public Safety.

Violation of this policy will result in reasonable sanctions, which should stress education and treatment, but may include disciplinary action. Violators may be subject to civil fines of $25 for the first violation and not more that $100 for the second or subsequent violation as provided by City of Chicago Ordinance 7-32, sections 030 to 070.

Questions relative to this policy should by submitted to the director of Human Resources.