Temporary Sanctions

The vice president for Students Affairs or designee shall have the authority to impose temporary sanctions prior to the start of the Student Conduct Process. 

Temporary sanctions may be imposed:

  1. To ensure the safety and well-being of the University, its members and its property;
  2. To ensure the student's own physical and/or emotional safety and well-being;
  3. When it is believed that the presence of the student poses an ongoing threat of disruption or interference with normal operations of Saint Xavier University, including but not limited to the conduct investigation and process.

Temporary sanctions may include:

  1. Immediate suspension or administrative leave from the University
  2. Restrictions on class attendance
  3. Removal from or restrictions regarding access to University Housing
  4. Administrative move within University Housing
  5. Restrictions of activities 
  6. Restrictions on use of University facilities
  7. Other sanctions appropriate to the allegations

The student will be notified in writing of the temporary sanctions electronically via the Maxient system. A hearing will be scheduled in a timely manner and the student will receive written notifications of the charges and alleged code violations. Parents/guardians, academic deans, public safety, residence life and other personnel may also be notified of the sanctions.

Unless otherwise approved by the vice president for Student Affairs or designee, temporary sanctions will remain in effect pending completion of the conduct process. Temporary sanctions cannot be appealed.